1. Make sure you have latest version of extension installed, loading right now
  2. Try removing extension and installing it again, then restarting the browser (all active windows, not just one tab)
  3. Make sure that this link opens: ,
    you should see plain text:
    {"id":"QOFEgexls14", "dateCreated":"2021-12-15T16:54:12.250813Z", "likes":2907, "dislikes":215, "rating":4.725641025641026, "viewCount":28222, "deleted":false}
  4. If nothing of above helps - report your problem in #bugs-and-problems in our Discord
    1. Tell us your Operating System, Browser Name and Browser Version
    2. Take a screenshot of the page with the problem (i.e. Youtube video page) with the console open (press F12 ) - example screenshot below. example-screenshot
    3. Take a screenshot of the extensions page of your browser with the extension installed.
      To see extensions put this into address bar:
      about:addons for Firefox
      chrome://extensions for Chrome, Edge, Brave, Opera, and Vivaldi